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Our online executive series provides business professionals with a platform to gain valuable information based on other professionals' real-world experiences—not theory. We've all heard and read the regurgitated ideas. But what leaders and managers need is not "me too" solutions. They need innovative, practical ideas and solutions from people who've done it and been in the trenches like them. Through conversations, professionals and teams can enjoy subject matter experts for learning on-demand. ANYWHERE. ANYTIME.

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Talented and Intuitive Experts

Four Creative Group offers an international professional online discussion platform along with project-based consulting services.

We developed a creative discussion platform to provide digital multi-media learning based on experience—not repetition. Anyone can share information, but only a few can deliver unique ideas and solutions to today's business issues. The discussion platform is complemented by project-based consulting services targeted to leaders, operations, and marketing services teams.

Our group believes in the power of experience combined with digital technology. As a result, business professionals benefit from global experts through non-classroom video talks and a podcast. It's not about textbooks; it’s about practical experiences and ideas.


How It Works

Solutions for Businesses and Global Nonprofits

Each multi-media online series focuses on practical, experienced, and professional discussions.

All you have to do is get yourself a cup of coffee and listen to others who’ve been in your shoes and have experienced your challenges. Find out about the practical solutions and ideas they’ve developed.

Our core product offering is our online learning platform with our flagship FSC Online Executive Series. You could also listen to our podcast, free. And, finally, you could choose to white label a training product for your team. The choice is yours. Just give us a call if you need consulting expertise from one of our subject matter experts or marketing services through our strategic partner brand, Grafix Design Studio (GDS).

December 1, 2020
women in business

Women in Business: Resources You Can’t Miss

The pandemic caused a lot of added suffering for women. In fact, for many, their personal and professional lives became uprooted. For instance, with stay-at-home orders […]
November 5, 2020
Airplanes flying in different directions to show business disruption.

Business Disruption and Preventing Shocks

We’re all living through a period of substantial business disruption. When the times get rough, the temptation is to hunker down and hope you survive and […]
October 30, 2020
Happy employee working from home.

Corporate Leadership During COVID — Build Trust

If you are like millions of people worldwide, you worked either part or full-time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic remotely. Early on, teams sought […]

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