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We invite you to join like-minded professionals in getting practical insights and knowledge from others in your shoes. Four Creative Group (FCG) created the FCG Online Executive Series for valuable business discussions—not generic throw-away information. Every leader and professional has questions as challenges arise, and they need fresh ideas and thinking based on experience. Think of our platform as a virtual business conference room or studio. It's where experts share their proven ideas at any time and place you find yourself.

Learn how to move your company and team entirely into the digital space. Or learn what it takes to become a female business disruptor. Interested in something else? Check out our experts and their content.

If you are an expert in your field, please consider becoming a speaker. If this is you—yes, you—check out the benefits here. Notably, those benefits also include marketing services to help you leverage your brand.


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Build Professional Skills Through Online Executive Learning

Meaningful Talks With Industry Experts

Sure, there are plenty of online learning platforms. Yet, FCG aims to have thoughtful and insightful conversations. In other words, we don't want to lecture. Instead, we offer ideas through meaningful talks with thought leaders and experts. Think of the time you spend attending as time with a global leader in an online salon. Each online executive learning topic gets discussed by a member of the FCG team and/or an industry expert. As a result, the presenter provides and shares their insights and experience.

Further, you gain knowledge in topics of interest to you. Alternately, experts from complementary fields also take part in a holistic approach. The professional learning series is also a chance to hear the latest research and trends.

Topics selected are narrow enough to address critical themes. And that allows participants to derive the most benefit. Thus, each on-demand professional learning series discussion progresses in a single direction. However, each issue is critically relevant to participants. Therefore, the outcome is to inform and to also touch on broader but related issues.


FCG Supply Chain Management Online Series

Our First Executive Learning Series

The first offering for global professionals is the FCG Online Executive Series: Supply Chain. Accordingly, each series topic helps define the true building blocks of supply chain and its associated disciplines. Moreover, it aims to show how each of these is both relevant and drives performance improvements into the supply chain. Thus, every professional learning series discussion focuses on different roadblocks encountered. But then, the talks offer guidance on how to navigate the challenges successfully. And, it does so by detailing the hurdles and opportunities for success. But, professionals also share the failures along the way. As you know, these elements encompass valuable lessons from our experts to participants.

Case studies get presented to illustrate the material covered and disclose defined steps to a dependable supply chain. Further, by subscribing, you gain from best practices learned over a variety of industries. And the overall goal is to drive improvements into the performance of your supply chain. At the same time, you learn how to enhance your relationships. Those could be with your peers, internal customers, and suppliers.


FCG Online Executive Series for Professional Learning

In short, the FCG Online Executive Series aims to transform your thinking while providing insights. As a result, the information gets delivered in an easily accessible, relaxed, and on-demand manner. Therefore, each discussion in the series takes just one hour of your time. And, you can do it from the comfort of your....well, that's your choice. So, if you want to get to know like-minded global professionals, join us from any place in the world. In short, you will join an international community of business professionals. They, like you, operate globally but think locally. Finally, once each discussion series gets presented, the transcript is available on-demand. So, it exists in the Four Supply Chain media library for your exclusive use and continual reference.